• Aging is a chronic process impacting the entire body and should be treated as such! As more and more products and surgery techniques are developed and used to “slow the aging process” we need to stop and think. Applying a skin cream or completing cosmetic surgery has a limited impact if we remain dehydrated most of life and smoke large quantities of cigarettes daily. The majority of skin issues begin with cell function and are not treated topically or on an individual basis.

    Acupuncture treatments treat the entire body balancing physiological imbalances reducing oxidative stress, improving liver and immune functions, and reducing stress hormone production. Another key cosmetic acupuncture benefit not provided by topical solutions, surgery or medication is improved digestion functions which directly improves the ability to use food nutrition to improve skin conditions. Think about it!!! Acupuncture induces the natural healing properties of our bodies and is the most effective solution to reduce aging skin appearance.